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aroline has been training conservators, volunteers and library and archive professionals since 1989. She became The Arts Society’s (formerly NADFAS) adviser and trainer in 1992 and in the same year became the National Trust’s adviser on libraries conservation, part of which is to deliver training to volunteers, property staff and conservators across the National Trust. Caroline also provides training for a range of other clients, including the British Library, where, since 2003, she has been delivering courses on packing and moving collections, cleaning libraries and archives and recognising, identifying and understanding the causes of damage and how to address them. She recently lectured for Book and Paper Group of the Institute of Conservation (ICON) on the challenges of working in situ, rather than in a studio, based on her work for the National Trust.

Types of training:

  • West Dean – courses at the British Library – library & archive professionals
  • The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS) – volunteers & owners
  • National Trust collection staff and volunteers
  • Institute of Conservation (Icon) – Conservators
  • In-situ training :
    – Students
    – Conservators

Caroline has given lectures for many years, both at professional conferences and for private clients, such as The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS).

“NADFAS (National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies) Heritage Volunteers have benefited from Caroline Bendix’s knowledge and expertise for over 20 years. The volunteers work in libraries over the whole of the country. Caroline trains them first in the basic skills and then refines those skills for each library. Her training sessions are both highly instructive and highly enjoyable and as a result the volunteers are amply praised for their work.”

— Chloe Bevan, Manager of Department of Volunteering, NADFAS

“Caroline Bendix was thoroughly recommended to our society by our Church Recorders group, who had heard her speak previously. She gave us a lecture entitled “From Codex to Perfect Binding” and we could not have had a better introduction to the subject.”

— Caroline Osbourne, Chairman and Co-Programme Secretary West Suffolk DFAS